Will Not Tolerate Pakistan’s Policy of Killing Innocents: Ravinder Raina

Jammu and Kashmir BJP party President Ravinder Raina who has been in the limelight for the past many years today slammed Shailla Rashid, Hurriyat Conference separatist leaders, and pro-Pakistani political leaders. While attacking Ravinder Raina said that from the past 30 years the Tukdey-Tukdey gang member Shailla Rashid, Zahoor Watali, leaders of Hurriyat Conference, and many other political leaders are getting Hawala Money from Pakistan to kill innocent people in Kashmir Valley. He further said that these people always followed Pakistan’s policy of killing innocent people of Kashmir. These people have always helped Pakistan in killing people of J&K. They have also been supporters of Pakistan because they are getting a heavy amount of money from Pakistan.

Ravinder Raina added that these people are the murderers of innocent people of J&K. He said that the BJP has brought all the dark secrets of these people in front of the whole world, and in the future also we will not spare the political leaders, terrorists, or any member of Tukdey-Tukdey gang who will try to harm the people of J&K. J&K has always been a part of India and will remain a part of India and we will not tolerate Pakistan’s policy of killing innocent people of J&K, Raina said.