Will reveal reasons behind quitting PDP soon: Karra

Srinagar, December 20
Former PDP leader and senior mainstream politician, Tariq Hameed Karra on Tuesday said that he would reveal all the issues and reasons that forced him to quit the party.
He also said that the BJP, ruling party in power offered him huge amount to form government in the state Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a news conference here at his Shiv pora residence, Karra said that there are various reasons behind quitting the party. “There were rumours that I quit the party over ministerial berth but on ground that wasn’t. There are several reasons and issues for which I quitted the party and I will reveal the reasons and issues very soon.” Taking a dig at BJP, ruling party in the state, Karra said that the one among the coalition partner (BJP) can go to any extent to assume the power in the state.
“BJP don’t want to lose power here and can take any step for this even if they have to pay crores for it,” he said. He said he was offered huge amount by BJP to form government in the state but he rejected. “It is not any compulsion that I am against BJP. But I am by conviction against the policies of BJP and RSS.” He said.

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