Will Rimi Sen walk out of the show tonight : Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss for the first time will leave the doors open. Reason? Yes, the reason he gives is ‘whoever wants to go out of the show can walk off”. So you might think this is the chance for Rimi Sen to go. But what will she do, that time will only tell.

Since the beginning of the show Rimi has been cribbing that she wants to go home. She even refuses to perform the tasks given by Bigg Boss. Housemates have got tired of asking her to perform because it is due to her that they did not get their luxury budget.

Even after giving a terrible performance, Bigg Boss refuses to evict Rimi from the show. Knowing the format of the game, it’s beyond belief. More so because any contestant who does not show promise or fails to pipe in the regular dose of entertainment on the reality show is ousted from the house. For example, Aman Verma who is rather quite famous was shown the door, much to his diplomatic nature. Wonder why the same fate has not been meted out with Rimi?

We had earlier told you how Bigg Boss has been after Rimi to appear on the show. Recently, in last week’s weekend special episode, when Salman Khan quizzed Rimi about the same, she revealed that the makers had been approaching her for the last three seasons and this time, she took up the offer because the money was good. In fact, the remuneration for Rimi is humongous because she’s been paid a whopping Rs 2 crore as signing amount whereas the other contestants have been merely paid in lakhs. Now you know why Rimi keeps referring to her bank balance all the time.

But there’s a catch to it. Despite Rimi not adding anything on the show, the makers are not eliminating her. While many have claimed it’s because Rimi’s disinterest that has become the talking point of the town and some even accused Salman Khan of a bias towards his Kyon Ki co-star, the real truth is far from that.

Actually the makers have a separate contract with Rimi. Given that they have paid Rimi a huge sum (Rs 2 crore), eliminating her from the show by usual procedure would mean Rimi gets to keep the entire amount to herself. It doesn’t matter whether Rimi is out in the first week or in the finale, but that amount is guaranteed for her. But there’s a twist in the tale too. According to the contract, if Rimi decides to leave the show with her own consent, then Rimi will only be eligible for 20% of the amount assured to her.

So the makers are now trying to make it extremely difficult for Rimi so that she gives up soon and that’s why Bigg Boss has left the doors open. If she walks off , Rimi won’t be getting the Rs 2 crore guaranteed to her. Instead the channel will only have a pocket pinch of Rs 40 lakh, which will then be paid to Rimi. After all, paise ka khel hai sab!

So, what will Rimi choose? Rs 2 crore or just 20% of it?

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