Winter fun: Here’s how to make a style statement with a sweater

Who doesn’t like an oversized, cozy sweater? It’s just the kind of clothing that not only offers you warmth and comfort, but also makes for a nifty sartorial statement. In fact, in the recent past, fall runways around the world have showcased a variety of cardigans — from chunky turtlenecks to long, loose ones.

Actors like Deepika Padukone and others have impressed the fashion flock with their stylish wool options. According to experts, there are ways to add some artsy versatility to these knits to make them relevant even for our weather.

“The fall/winter season calls for some of the best fashion trends and style statements. Classic wardrobe staples like sweaters can be creatively used even in a city that doesn’t have a chilly winter,” says designer Hemant, one half of designer label, Hemant and Nandita.

Style it right

1. Wear a long sweater on a long tank top and leggings for a movie night

2. Sport a loose sweater with boyfriend jeans, which are comfortable for late-night flights or travelling

3. Try a crop top sweater with a full-circle skirt for a terrace party

4. Wear a long sweater with shorts for a fun day event

5. A classic button-down sweater over a white shirt looks chic, and is easier to remove when it starts getting warm

6. A long loose knit sweater can be paired with a calf-length flow-y skirt for a svelte look

7. A short sweater can be effortlessly put together with a faux leather skirt for an evening out

8. Thin airy sweaters can be paired with a belt over short dresses for an evening or for a more formal look

9. Cardigans in solid colours can be paired up with fun, printed long dresses for an evening out

10. A sweater dress looks chic as well

11. If nothing else works for you, just throw one on your shoulders to bundle up in style.

Dos and don’ts

1. Do make sure that you wear a tank top or T-shirt under your sweater, so that just in case it gets warm, you can take off the sweater. Wearing sweaters directly in contact with the skin is a big no-no

2. Don’t wear a 100% wool sweater, as it’s never going to be that cold in Mumbai

3. Do not pair loose sweaters with stiff or thick fabrics like denim, as it may cause discomfort in Mumbai’s humid climate.

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