Wireless Set Recovered from Slain Nagrota Terrorists Points to Pak Handlers, Meds Show Lahore Markings

November 21 :- Awireless set, medicines made in Pakistan were found in possession of terrorists slain in an encounter in Nagrota on Thursday. The pictures of the radio set- Digital Mobile Radio manufactured by a Pakistani company called Micro Electronics showed an exchange of text messages allegedly between the terrorists and their handlers.

The messages on the DMR set showed that terrorists were in constant touch with their Pakistani handlers when they infiltrated. The exchange also suggests over ground workers were present near the border to guide these terrorists to the waiting truck which was supposed to ferry them to the valley. A preliminary assessment of investigators suggested that the infiltration happened from the Sambha sector.

In one of the messages, the alleged handler asked- kahan per pahunche ho? kya surate hal hai? Agencies suspect that the handler could be based in the Shakargarh area of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).

Tags on the pants and markings on the shoes of the terrorists also pointed to the Pakistani connection. While the medicine strips recovered show markings of Lahore and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan

Meanwhile, the Pakistan High Commission official in Delhi has been summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs on this incident. However, two of the terrorists named Rauf Azghar and Qari Zarar are suspected to be the Jaish Commanders who were giving direct instructions to the Nagrota terrorists.