With mercury touching 42 degree centigrade in Kathua

On one hand where there is acute shortage of power supply on the other hand, the soaring of mercury had increased the hardships as far as rising temperature concerns. From last, couple of days the temperature is increasing gradually and in the coming days there are no chances of getting relief as per weather reports.
With mercury touching 42 degree centigrade in Kathua, people throng Kashmir Canal to take a dip in its icy waters. Huge crowd of people thronged the Dreamland Park situated at canal, which is a lifeline of the farmers here and of course, the beauty of park.
The canal is an important source of irrigation for farmers of the region and major attraction for people during the summers. There is also a small garden along the canal, which runs along the canal up to the Patel Nagar Bridge, providing a picnic spot during the scorching heat, which engulfs Kathua from April to September.
During evening hours, entire half-a-Kilometer canal front becomes abuzz with activity mainly from where the canal water emerges in Dreamland Park after passing through under the Kathua Khad. During, daytime the crowd seems as if some fair is going on. Hundreds of people including children, youngsters, adults, males and females use to have fun in the chill water of Ravi River passing through the canal.
Kanta Devi, a homemaker said, “You cannot find a better way other than this to beat the heat.” She added that she is here with her two children and mother in law. Today, there was Power curtailment announcement and we knew that the power would come at 5-Pm. Following which we came here with the foodstuff, toys of children and other necessities of picnic.
Vikas Sharma, resident of Patel Nagar said that his house is just next to canal and whenever there is power cut, he along with his friends use to spend time over here for hours. “There is no other place in the city other than this”, he added.
On the other hand, due to scorching heat, roads remain deserted throughout day, no customers in the market, passenger vehicles running in deficient of passengers. On the other hand, where some people prefer to remain inside the houses moreover some people throng Kashmir Canal to take a dip in its icy waters.

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