Women activists pin blame on enforcement agencies, seek firm action

Bharti Jasrotia

Women activists and social workers accuse enforcement agencies of being delinquent when it comes to putting an end to this murky trade of prostitution in the state.

Talking to Newspoint, Deepika Singh, a lawyer by profession said that prostitution has been classified in various categories. “Educated girls indulge in prostitution for easy money while poor are forced by circumstances to enter into this murky trade. No woman especially young girls desire to enter this murky trade but circumstances force them to do so,” she added.

She further said that this process started many years ago, when kings used to rule. She added that prostitution has become an issue now because of awareness and media. Adding further she said that there are many reasons for rise in flesh trade like poverty, circumstances, human trafficking and exploitation. She maintained that it is more important to know who all are responsible. She went on to claims that in the Roopnagar Sex racket, the enforcement agencies failed to perform their duties since many of the bureaucrats and policemen were allegedly involved. .

She further added that laws are not being implemented properly; rather they have just become a piece of paper. “The enforcement agencies are weak in performing their duties. A prostitute is after all a woman. Will she be ever able to live a dignified life like other women, she added.

She also said that Supreme Court gave a statement that if a prostitute is raped, she is entitled to get protection from the police and the rapist is liable to get punished, she added. She strongly opposed the decision of legalizing the prostitution. She further said that instead of legalizing the prostitution government should provide jobs opportunities to the women.

She strongly recommended that prostitution should be stopped and government should rehabilitate those who are forced into prostitution. She also said that being a responsible citizen of the civil society, our moral ethics are decreasing. She further added that this practice of prostitution can never end unless silent spectators come out and raise their voice against the women exploitation. She also said that youth have to play an important role in changing the society.

Ruchi Chauhan Khan, another noted social activist she said that she is shocked to know that prostitution is spreading in Jammu and Kashmir. She further disclosed that poverty, unemployment and powerful people are the main reasons for the increasing prostitution in the state. She further added that the prostitution is a two way process one is the buyer who have the money and the other is the seller, who is in need of money. She also said that lack of job opportunities, no placements and unemployment are the reasons why young generation is indulging in prostitution.

She also added that economy of the state is not stable and lack of resources leads to scarcity of the basic resources which further leads to poverty, which results in the increase in the prostitution. She said that the avenues of employment are decreasing.  She also said that powerful bureaucrats despite being involved in sex scandals are not being penalized. She stressed that enforcement agencies should play their role properly without being biased, she added.

She expressed concern towards weaknesses of the enforcement agencies. She strongly claimed that now that Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir is a female and people are expecting that she will not be biased. She strongly recommended that prostitution should not be legalized.




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