Women Empowerment

Syed Nageena
India is among the fastest growing nations in the world presently. Now it is more than 70 years of independence and our country have achieved a lot of milestones. Be it information technology sector, entertainment world, nuclear strength, military power, economic development and many more. Every Indian is feeling proud on the country for these outstanding achievements. India is now considered a reputed and among mighty nations in the world. Despite of these achievements our country is still ranked among developing nations. We are still struggling to label our country as “Developed” instead of “Developing”. There are many reasons or we can say gaps in our country which bars our country to be developed. These reasons distinguish our country from other developed countries. There are a lot of reasons and one of the important reasons is “Women Empowerment”.
Yes! We are not that good when it comes to women empowerment. India is positioned at the 29th rank among 146 countries across the globe on the basis of gender inequality index. Women must be given equal rights and status in all sectors. Undoubtedly the past governments have made a lot of rules for women empowerment and the present government is also framing some other appreciable policies to boost the said cause. But when we look at the practical society of ours we do not see any major changes in the society. However there are some changes in the urban areas while as the women who suffer a lot of gender inequality punishments are rural women. We must know that women are the important resources for any nation. We must transform our women into human resource. Our women have faced and are facing a lot of problems due to some illogical cultures and customs. They are barred for getting education and they are not allowed to work in the departments or companies. Even they face gender inequality right from the birth. The boys are considered more important over them. They are raised in such an atmosphere where they are prepared mentally about their position which in my opinion is totally illogical. History has witnessed that women have achieved a lot for their countries.
They have contributed in every aspect of the life. Be it then politics, business, wars, science, and many more. It is 21st century and our women are still struggling to avail their basic rights. Our women are living in a world of harassment and fear. Instead of giving them basic fundamental rights, our society has blessed them with rapes, acid throwing, tortures, harassments, inequality, and the list is long. How can we think about the development without their contribution? Our society needs to change the mentality as soon as possible otherwise we are not going to change anything.
Even one of the greatest sons of the India, Swami Vivekananda quoted that “there is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved, it is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing”. Women empowerment has emerged as a big challenge for the current government. Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to building stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women. Empowering women is considered as empowering the community.
If we talk about the rural area women, they are the most affected of this disease. However urban area women also face it but in rural areas the graph is high. As the literacy rate is not so good in rural areas among women, they are not given their basic rights. Even they do not demand their rights because of many fears.
They are warned of divorce, torture, fired from the house etc. because there is not any major force who will back them, they prefer to remain silent instead of speak. So there should be someone or some organization which should tell them their basic rights and should assure them full assistance. It is not only government’s duty to inform them about their basic rights but it is also the moral duty of every person who is aware about the matter. As the Modi led government is also working for this cause we as an individuals should also work on this to bring some change in the society. Do not consider them as a burden! they are the valuable assets of the nations and should be executed in a dignified way. While empowering the women some of these points should be taken care of:
1) There should be respect and dignity towards women.
2) Have total independence of their own life and lifestyle inside their home and outside at their work.
3) They should make their own decision by their own choice.
4) Should have equal rights in the society and other judicial works.
5) They should not be discriminated while providing education, job etc
6) They should have safe and secure working location, taking utmost care of their privacy etc
We wish there will be an inequality free India in the future time which will empower the women and allow them to contribute towards the society so that the country could eradicate this big challenge in a minimum period of time. We should support the government and other organizations with full zeal and zest for this noble cause. Our women are having full right to make their own choices in any field.
They are being denied by the centuries for their fundamental rights resulting which the country has faced a lot of problems. Now a day women are contributing in a number of fields and even are outshining the
males. Then why is this discrimination? and why this punishment to them? They are having capabilities to change the world and let us appreciate and support their talent. If we can support them practically or financially, let us support them in another important way by aware them about their rights and do not stop them in any way.
Syed Nageena
Placement Manager J&k skill india NSDC

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