Women Empowerment

Dear Editor,

Why we always talk about empowering women and not empowering men? Why women need empowerment and not men? Women make almost 50 percent of the total population of the world. Then, why this substantial section of the society needs empowerment? They are not in minority so as to require special treatment. Biologically it has been proved that females are superior to male.

Then why the question of women empowerment arises? India is a complex country. We have through centuries developed various types of customs, traditions and practices. These customs and traditions are good as well bad but they have become a part of our society’s collective consciousness. On the other hand we do not want a baby girl and treat women badly both inside and outside their homes.

Despite of having many provisions for the betterment of women, still women are not considered as the important part of the society and are treated badly. Government has launched many policies for the betterment of women, but still it is considered as a far-fetched dream which is yet to be achieved.


Arti Gupta

Shastri Nagar, Jammu


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