Women take on goondas for change in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area

New Delhi, January 1
There might be varying assessment of the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India Mission, but winds of change are certainly blowing in the predominantly Muslim residential locality of Ghaffar Manazil in Jamia Nagar, thanks to its women. Plagued by a dysfunctional men-dominated Resident Welfare Association (RWA), women of Ghaffar Manzil residential area are taking up cudgels against the goonda and status quoist elements, who had so far foiled all attempts for change.
Their resolve got further strengthened after around 200 goondas hired by these anti-change elements last week destroyed the greenery planted by them on the garbage site, which was a sore to the eyes of people in the locality. The site was shifted a bit farther from the locality to a wider area on the road, where it was more convenient for the municipality truck to come and lift the garbage.
The locality, flanked by green stretches of Jamia University and the UP Irrigation department land on both sides of its main road, was a saving grace for the otherwise jungle of concrete that Jamia Nagar has turned into.
The goonda assault on the site chosen by women to begin their cleanliness drive came as a great shock to all the sensible people in the locality, and some male residents were honest enough when they said, ”We have certainly failed the people of the locality all these years. And it was high time that we supported the efforts of these women.
”We have been forced to come out of four homes after we waited for years to see our RWA acting to remove the insanitary conditions prevailing in this locality, which was so beautiful over a decade ago,” Tehrima Ahmad, Tasneem Jamal and Tarunnum Abdulla said.
These women have formed a Gaffar Manzil Women Welfare Association, which is getting full support from local Councillor Ishrat Jahan.
The spree of construction in the last one-and-a-half decade has seen a sharp rise in the population of the locality, with every single house turning into a four-storey or five-storey block of flats, but the RWA, to which elections have not been held for last many years, has failed to act accordingly, its working bogged down most of the time by local rivalries.
”Women of the locality are now awakening, and they cannot just be a mute spectator to the dirt and filth, which was threatening public health,” Tehrima said.
”We have collected some money through our own resources and bought flower pots, dustbins and placed them at everyshop and restaurants so that they do not throw the trash on streets,” she said. Tarannum Abdullah said the most positive development was the involvement of children who had nothing but a dusty stretch in the name of a park for their
”It was unfortunate that such a constructive elements was being opposed by some elements who were against any change even if it was for the good of all,” said another member of the Group Tasneem jamal. But Councillor Israt Jahan said,” that is how the world is. There is always a resistence when you want to do do some good,but with honest intentions and resolve, we are confident that we would overcome the hurdle.”

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