Workshop on growing menace of drug abuse organised

Assistant Controller Drugs, Samba carried out a sensitisation workshop regarding the growing menace of drug abuse in society by organising a Symposium & Poster Competition at Nav Vidya Secondary School, Dhalote, Samba in which more than 3000 students participated.
Students through the medium of their posters had appreciably depicted the ill effects of drug abuse and it was decided that the posters shall be used in future to disseminate awareness amongst the ignorant masses.
Speaking on the occasion, Munish Gupta (ADC) stressed upon the need  to create awareness abut the illicit drug abuse. The Children were requested not to get carried away by peer pressure & must realise that once a person gets in this social evil , his/her life is ruined. It was communicated to children to keep themselves aware about the ill effects of habit forming drugs.
Krishan Singh, Chairman/ Principal Nav Vidalya School, Dalote lid stress n the changing life style and asked the children to utilize their spare time for practising yoga & meditation, as it can help them to become mentally strong and keep themselves away from such evils.
Pankaj Malhotra (Drugs Inspector, Samba) shared his experiences with the children and requested teaching faculty & parents were impressed upon to keep a close vigil on their children and monitor their daily activities/behaviour carefully. It was communicated that though Government has initiated serious steps to curb this menace and a strict regulation is being made on sale of such drugs.
On the occasion Mr Sambyal of Young Blood Assosciation, Samba;  Krishan Singh was also present who highlighted the role of civil society & NGOs to create awareness amongst the ignorant masses.
Prizes were also distributed among the winners by Assistant Controller Drugs. The winners of Symposium Competition were Miss Bandhana Devi, Sakshi Sharma & Pariya and those of poster competition were Dimple Kundal, Master. Antriksh Sambyal, Mansi Guleria.The Children were also provided with refreshments.


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