Would ask Congress for declaration of war on ISIS: Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Friday that if elected he would go to Congress and seek declaration of war against the Islamic State terror group and would involve NATO in the effort.
“I would. I would. This is war,” Trump told reporters in an interview when asked if he would go to the Congress and ask for a declaration of war.
“If you look at it, this is war coming from all different parts. And frankly it’s war, and we’re dealing with people without uniforms. In the old days you would have uniforms. You knew what you were fighting,” he said. “We are allowing people into our country who we have no idea where they are, where they are from, who they are, they have no paperwork, they have no documentation in many cases and Hillary Clinton wants to allow 550 per cent more than even Obama and he is letting them in by the thousands,” he said.
Trump said NATO should also be involved in the war.
“I have been saying it we should use NATO for a purpose. I mean, we’re spending a fortune on NATO. We have countries in NATO that don’t make a fair contribution,” he said. “We are supporting NATO and we should at least get something out of it and getting rid of ISIS and getting rid of this cancer that we’re watching all over the world, that certainly would be a good thing, a good thing for NATO to be involved in,” he added.
Trump criticised President Barack Obama for not using the words “radical Islamic terror”. “Why he refuses to use the term radical Islamic terror and frankly in this case wait a little while and let’s see what happens. Who knows? Maybe you will be surprised and maybe we will all be surprised,” he said. “It’s possible but let’s just wait. It won’t take long to find out,” he added. Trump said he would make it difficult for people to come into the US from countries where terrorism prevails. “I would be making it very, very hard for people to come into our country for one thing from terrorist areas. I would be so extreme in terms of documentation,” Trump said. “Obama is allowing a lot of people to come in. We have no idea who they are. If they are from Syria, maybe, but they have no paperwork many times. They don’t have proper documentation,” he alleged.
“I would not allow people to come in from terrorist nations. I would do extreme vetting. I would call it extreme vetting too,” he said.

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