WWE superstar Roman Reigns becomes World Champion night after injuring Triple H

WWE superstar Roman Reigns, who was denied a victory over Sheamus at the company’s TLC event on Sunday, won theWWE World Heavyweight Title Monday night on RAW.

WWE RAW, telecast live on Ten Sports in India on Tuesday morning, showcasedRoman Reigns beating Sheamus to win the coveted title for the second time.

Reigns, who destroyed WWE COO Triple H following the match at TLC, was confronted first by Stephanie McMahonand then by chairman Vince McMahon, who made a rare appearance – as RAW went on the air.

Stephanie resorted to slapping Reigns several times before warning him that Vince McMahon, who had arrived at the building, would probably fire him.

McMahon later interrupted a match between Bo Dallas and R Truth, called it off, and proceeded to call out Roman Reigns.

When Reigns came out, McMahon tried to force the superstar to apologise for his actions. As Reigns merely mocked McMahon, McMahon appeared to be getting ready for a fight.

However, then-WWE World Champion Sheamus came out and told Vince McMahon that he would beat up Roman Reigns for The Authority and Vince. Sheamus offered to put the title on the line in a match, and McMahon finally agreed, warning Reigns that if he failed to win the match, he would be fired.

McMahon then arrived at ringside to watch the Reigns-Sheamus match at the climax of the show. After denying Reigns victory through interference, McMahon got into an altercation with the referee.

Soon, ‘The League of Nations’ comprising Rusev and Alberto del Rio attacked Reigns the same way they had done the previous night at TLC. Reigns however fended off his attackers, only to turn into a Brogue Kick by Sheamus. Sheamus however, failed to get the 3-count on Roman Reigns and then Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Vince McMahon followed by a Spear on Sheamus to win the title.

The result comes as a shocker for many WWE fans, many of whom had thought they would see the Authority keep Reigns away from the title till Wrestlemania 32. This also means that Reigns might defend the title at the Royal Rumble next month instead of being entered into the Royal Rumble match.

Reigns has gained significant crowd support since his beat down of Triple H at Tables, Ladders and Chairs on Sunday, and the crowd cheered him all the way to victory on RAW.
Reigns’ win was a dramatic turn of events, and it remains to be seen what direction the WWE Creative team now takes when RAW goes on air next Monday night.

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