Yoga and liquor-ban

Dear Editor,
Argument of Bihar Chief Minister in promoting Yoga without imposing a country-wide ban on liquor has merit. Evidently liquor-addicts cannot take benefits of ancient discipline of Yoga. Bihar after Gujarat has successfully imposed a total ban on sale, storage and consumption of liquor, even though successive state-government in Haryana reversed the policy after being once put into practice.
Bihar deserves compliments for sacrificing a huge revenue-earning of rupees 5000 crores by fulfilling poll-promise of Bihar Chief Minister. It is indeed unfortunate if Jharkhand government has really increased liquor quota in the bordering areas with Bihar to generate revenue in violation of the 1915 Excise Act, which prohibits sale of liquor within a limit of 3.6 kms from the area under purview of the ban. It is wrong to suggest that liquor-consumption in Jharkhand is to continue because of ‘tribal-culture’ because JMM supremo Sibu Soren had launched a movement against sale of liquor in 1970s.
Prime Minister should direct for a study of liquor-ban at least in BJP-ruled states if not throughout the country in a manner it may not affect international tourism. Consuming liquor starts as fashion of society, but later turns into addiction. Housewives are worst affected by their husbands spoiling money and health on consumption of liquor.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, New Delhi-110006 (India)

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