Yoga camp organised at Village Kharote

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Kathua, April 19
In order to Aware the common people regarding benefits of Yoga, four days Yoga camp was organised at Village Kharote in which Distt President Patanjali Yogpeeth Sunita Verma conducted Yoga classes and taught various Yogasanas to the villagers.
On the concluding day, Dr Guru Parsad, Ayurveda and Yoga expert and State Coordinator “Niyantrit Madhumeha Bharat”, a nationwide movement against Diabetes was specially present.
Dr Guru in his address said that in today’s stressful life,Yoga is the only medium to keep ourselves healthy and disease free. Its our lifestyle which determines our health and at presently we are under the influence of western lifestyle, bad sleeping habits, junk food and this leads to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes in very young age too, so its the need of the hour to adopt Yoga as a daily routine to remain fit, healthy and thus happy.
He further said that its Yoga only which provides physical health, mental peace, social recognition and emotional strength.Doing Vakrasana, Mandukasana, Ardhkatichakrasana and practising Kapalbhati, Naadi Shuddhi Pranayam and Bhramri daily helps a lot in Diabetes. He appealed to youth to adopt the path of Yoga for stress free life.
Sunita Verma, Distt Coordinator demonstrated all these Asanas and told the villagers that Yoga is the necessity of the time now and we all should spare sometime for Yoga in our daily routine.
The local villagers of Kharote appreciated the efforts of all and requested to continue Yoga camps in future too.

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