You will be shocked to know what an ISIS recruit’s salary is

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The dreaded terror group does what any other big corporate giant does to attract recruits. Pay good money, additional perks and recognition. But ISIS is a step ahead. They also provide for sexual needs of the recruits.

We know that captured girls are being raped by ISIS terrorists. The ISIS leadership also recruit girls to marry off to soldiers. But the current information that has emerged will shock you. A United Nations team has found out the average salary of an ISIS recruit.

According to a report, an ISIS recruit is paid around $10,000 to fight in Syria and Iraq. This roughly translates into more than Rs 6,00000 per annum that too totally tax free.

This means an average ISIS recruit will get Rs 50,000 thousand per annum. The lower limit of salary is around $ 3,000.

The amount of salary also depends on technical skills. Doctors, engineers, computer experts, PRs and people with technical expertise are paid more.

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