Young Boy Died In Accident At Channi Himmat

JAN 26: In a recent accident that happened last night at Channi Himmat where a bike was hit by a car and 2 people were riding the bike who were injured in the accident but out of 2 people one young boy of age 23 years named Omkar Mehta have died. Both the boys were admitted to GMC Bakshi Nagar where the doctors said that he had died on the spot. Omkar was working as a technician in Kent. Earlier his family was living in Bihar but for the past 20-30 years, they have shifted to Jammu.

Omkar’s father said “yesterday my son was on duty till 7:30 pm and then maybe he has gone to drop his friend. At 10:30 I received a phone call from Omkar’s friend and he informed me that Omkar has met with an accident and he has been admitted to GMC. On reaching the hospital we saw his dead body. Till midnight we stayed in the hospital then the hospital staff didn’t allow us to stay with my dead son and asked us to come at night. Today at 8 am we reached the hospital but the staff told us that the doctor will arrive at 10 am and after the postmortem only we can take the dead body at home. One of Omkar’s friends went to Channi Himmat Police Station to file a complaint against the car driver but no police officers responded to their complaint. Now 2 police officials have arrived to complete the paperwork formality. We are waiting for the body and demands that a case should be filed under hit and run case. He was a single child and almost all the load of the home was on his shoulders. He was a hard-working child”.

One of Omkar’s friends said ” we went to the police station to file a case but the police officials didn’t listen to us and told us that we are doing our job. Till now no police official has informed the family members about their son. The bike was hit from behind and we suspect that the people in the car were drunk. Also, some locals told us that the people were carrying a gun and they were ready to shoot our friend. We demand that all the people in the car should be arrested immediately”.