Youth Congress Kishtwar stages protest against central govt

Youth Congress of District Kishtwar today staged a protest against the Modi led central government for taking the illegal action against Rahul Gandhi.
The protest was led by Firdous Mingnoo District Coordinator of Youth Congress, District Kishtwar along with the activists of Youth Congress and NSU.
On the occasion, Firdous Mingnoo said that Rahul Gandhi was trying to meet the family of the ex-serviceman, Ram Kishan Grewal who committed suicide on Tuesday over the issue of one rank one pension (Orop) but the Modi government got him arrested by police.
Firdous said that today Modi government seems total failure due to not fulfilling their promises which they made during the election. Therefore the Ex-Serviceman, Ram Kishan Grewal choose to commit suicide because he thought it will be better for his life than the Modi’s brutal rules.
Further Firdous said that India have some rules and regulations based on Democracy, But in Modi’s government everything is going opposite to it.In Modi’s government we’re facing the brutal rules.

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