Youth Congress lambasted BJP govt for hollow promises

The activists of Youth Congress Poonch today held a strong demonstration against two years government of Modi government. The protest was led by of Imtiaz Salaria. Addressing the protestors, Imtiaz Salaria said ” two years ago BJP government came to power in centre followed by coalition with PDP in J&K, but after two years there is nothing on ground. Tall promises were made to woo voters but all promises turn out to be hollow. He said BJP promised to bring back black money and fifteen lakh to every citizen , where is it. Only growth we have seen is that inflation, farmer suicides, oil prices. Does they meant growth of this kind. People thought Modi Government is game changer but it turn out to be name changer only. Educational institutions all over country targeted, polarisation was at peak, rupee down, export at its lowest ebb. He said instead of strengthening democracy the seeds of which were sown by great leaders like Nehru, Patel current government did everything to topple elected government like utrakhand, Delhi. Youth were promised jobs but unemployment has crossed all records.
He said even BJP members are questioning the working of BJP governments citing example of recent walkout of BJP MLAs from DDB meeting in Jammu. Time is running out of BJP’S hands so these should switch over from election campaign mode to governance mode otherwise common man has all power to push BJP back to single digit in next election

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