100 pc implementation of e-tendering system in JK

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has implemented e-tendering facility for all departments and tenders worth Rs 83,477.15 crore have been floated on the J&K’s e-tendering portal since its adoption in 2011, an official spokesperson said.

All the stages of the e-procurement process are now conducted through e-procurement system of NIC (GePNIC) on its state portal jktenders.gov.in, the spokesperson said.

“Tendering is an important aspect for execution of works or procurement of supplies by organisations. No such activities could get legally culminated without floating tenders in the market. There is 100 per cent e-tendering done in J&K”, he said.

The J&K Government in 2011 made it mandatory for its departments to go for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based mechanism of procurement of goods, services and works costing above Rs 5.00 lakhs which was subsequently reduced to Rs 1.00 lakh in 2015, the spokesman said.

From the initial 710 tenders valuing Rs 7,769 lakhs back in financial year 2011-12 to 27989 tenders valuing Rs 9,21,154 lakhs floated up to November this year (2019-20), the portal narrates its success story itself, the spokesman said.

The cumulative number of tenders uploaded on the portal till date are 1,54,701 worth Rs 83,47,715 lakhs making J&K 9th in the country when classified on the number of tenders uploaded online, he added.

As many as 4,279 tenders have been uploaded on this portal by different government agencies in the month of October, 2019 upgrading J&K in the hierarchy to 6th number when categorised on similar lines for the month, he added.

The Finance department has achieved tremendous success in implementation of e-Tendering system in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, he added.

The number of enrolled bidders was initially 7511 during the years 2011-12, 7421 more got added during 2013-14, 12262 in 2015-16 and 15663 during 2017-18, he said.