13 sheep killed, over a dozen injured by stray dogs in Ganderbal

As many as 13 sheep were mauled to death and over a dozen injured by stray dogs in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district last night, reports said on Tuesday.

According to the locals, the stray dogs barged into the cowshed and mauled the sheep belonging to one Mubarak Ahmad Raina son of Sonaullah Raina.

In the attack, 13 sheep were killed and 14 others including lambs were injured,” the owner of the livestock said. Locals alleged that the local Municipal Committee has done nothing to check the stray dog population that has grown exponentially over the years.

“This was not the first incident of such nature. Earlier as well, stray dogs killed dozens of sheep in other district villages, including Watlur and Gund,” a local added.