Chhari-Mubarak Swami Amarnath Ji Yatra-2020 and Chhari-Sthapana Ceremony Performed at Shri Amareshwar Temple

In connection with annual pilgrimage of Chhari-Mubarak Swami Amarnathji, ‘Chhari-Sthapana’ ceremony was performed chanting Vedic hymn at Shri Amareshwar Temple Akhara Building Budshah Chowk Srinagar this morning by a group of Sadhus led by Mahant Deependra Giri ji. Puja lasted for more than two and half hours.

Chhari-Mubarak (Holy Mace), one depicting Lord Shiva and another Goddess Parvati shall be kept in the Temple at Akhara Building Srinagar for ‘Darshan’ till it leaves for main course of pilgrimage.

Traditional ‘Chhari-Pujan’ shall be performed on Saturday the 25th of July on the occasion of ‘Nag-Panchami’ (Shravan Shukla Paksha Panchami) at Dashnami Akhara, Srinagar.

‘The True Trust’, founded by Mahant Deependra Giri ji in year 2004, shall make all the necessary arrangements like yester years for the annual pilgrimage.