3rd attempt to attack on Haji Parvaiz Ahmed, Mehbooba comes in support

Haji Parvaiz Ahmed, a PDP leader complained about an attempt to attack at him. He said that this was the third attempt and his security should not have been removed by the Government.

“This was the third attempt to attack at me. I don’t know who’s behind all this. I’ve informed the Government at least 10 times about the previous attacks on me but still they withdrew my security. With great appealing, they provided me 2 PSOs.”

“I’ve been the Vice Chairman and contested elections in 2008. Today some people came to attack me at my residence. I was saved by one of the PSOs because the other one was severely injured and unfortunately succumbed to death. The Government and the other side have made our lives weird and difficult.” He added.

Former Jammu and Kashmir CM and the President of PDP, Mehbooba Mufti came in support of the party leader and said that the incident happened due to “inadequate” protection by the J&K Government to non-BJP leaders. She also said that “downgrading their security” had left the non-BJP leaders “in a vulnerable position.”