5 Arrested in Attempt to Murder Case with Weapon of Offence: SSP Jammu

JAN 15: Qasim Nagar case which involved firing two bullets in the air happened on 8th of January. A lot of rumours were spread about the incident. Some believed that a BJP leader was hit while some thought that a car was targeted. Sridhar Patil, SSP Jammu opened up about the incident and said,

“The reality is quite different from the romours. A person named Parminder Singh complained to us about the incident. Police has caught hold of all the 5 culprits involved and arrested them. In an initial interrogation, it has been found that the argument was about flex printing money. An amount of 1-1.5 lakhs wasn’t paid by the party inspite of being asked for it time to time. In order to intensify attack the other or save himself, one of them fired in the air.”

No one was injured in the firing. He further added that the investigation is under process and no other reason for the incident has been found.

“We had recovered the weapons from the incident spot. It was a scuffle due to money transaction and no other angle about the case has come out.”