50 cows, 100 goats, 30 sheep dead in Pulwama, traders appeal to DC Pulwama for enquiry

The milk traders of Pulwama district of Kashmir are facing a tough time as 50 cows, 100 goats and 30 sheep die in the district on the same day.

According to the traders, many of them have opted for loans for their businesses and the financial loss to them is unbearable.

“One cow gives 20 litres of milk and costs around 1 lakh. PM Modi once said that Pulwama district produces the highest quantity of milk. Our businesses have failed and our families are crying.” said a trader

“The matter to worry is why all these animals died on a single day? Where is the Animal Husbandry Department? It’s their work to investigate this matter.” added another

The milk traders of Kashmir have requested DC Pulwama to look into the matter and organise a committee to make an enquiry. They also asked for a 50% compensation of the financial loss.

“We don’t ask the Government to give us exact amount but they have a record how many animals died. They must provide us with 50% compensation so that we start with our businesses again.” they said