65 year old woman gang raped in J-K’s

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JAN 16: A 65 year old woman was gang raped in Jhak area of Vijaypur. The culprits ran away after the incident. FIR has been filed in the Police Station and investigation is under process by the Vijaypur Police.

Deepak Kumar, Chairman of Municipal Committee said that the act was shameful and every person in the town was shocked. He also praised the family for being brave ans showed his trust in Vijaypur Police.

“The act is very shameful. Everyone including me has been shocked after hearing about this. We had heard in news about such incidents in other cities but now in our town…I feel ashamed to call myself a citizen of Vijaypur. I have talked to the family. It is their bravery to have come forward. Many families hide such acts in the fear of getting defamed. I even had a word with Police and have full faith in the SSP, SHO, DSP and other Policemen. They have assured to solve the case within a week.”

In context to reasons for rapes, he said “Recently a dowry case from Kathua was reported. The crimes against women are increasing in J&K. I feel some people are influenced by drugs. They are in their own world and execute such disgraceful actions. Other thing I think is that our Administration is too slow to punish these dirty elements of the society. In this case, the culprits should be punished as soon as possible and for any case like this, I think the best way is that the culprits should be shot dead on the road.”

What this society has become! A place where girls are worshipped as Goddesses are being prey to such brutal acts like murder due to dowry and rapes. Crime against women has increased over the years. What kind of life does mankind expect when even the birth giver is not safe! Shame for the society.