J&K’s journey towards Peace& Progress

The abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35(A) on August 5, 2019, marked a historic turning point in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, the region has witnessed unprecedented development and transformation, blossoming into a peaceful and thriving society. Post the abrogation, the government has focused on inclusive development in various sectors, with tourism and agriculture at the forefront. New tourist destinations, heritage and cultural sites, religious and Sufi places, and adventure treks have been developed, showcasing the potential for year-round tourism in nature, adventure, pilgrimage, heritage, and sports. Additionally, initiatives to explore amusement parks, water sports, rafting, rock climbing, and snow parks aim to attract more tourists to the region. The mega G20 countries meet on tourism held in May 2023 further amplified Kashmir’s status as a sought-after tourist destination. The abrogation of Article 370 and 35(A) has not only stabilized the economy but also protected it from militant and separatist groups, instilling confidence in investors. In 2022, Jammu and Kashmir welcomed 1.88 crore tourists, and the number is expected to surpass two crore this year, showcasing the region’s growing appeal. Special attention has been given to the youth who were influenced by militancy. Through various self-employment schemes and initiatives under Mission Youth, over 2.3 lakh young boys and girls have been employed, and 70,000 youth have been provided with livelihood generation means. Sports and recreational activities have also witnessed a surge, engaging more than 50,000 young individuals, contributing to a more harmonious and united community. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha expressed his satisfaction with the region’s transformation into a peaceful and thriving society. The end of street protests, closure of educational institutions for extended periods, stone-pelting, and separatist tendencies that once plagued the region are now replaced by a vibrant society confidently engaging in various activities.

The decision to abrogate Article 370, implemented during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, has brought about a new era of opportunities for the youth. The administration’s collaboration with the Mumbai Stock Exchange under “Mission Youth” has provided a platform for young talents to excel in diverse fields. The journey towards progress and peace has not been without its challenges, with attempts by Pakistan-backed propaganda failing to disrupt the newfound harmony in the region. The government’s dedication to establish a robust system in Jammu and Kashmir is evident in the outcomes achieved.

As the region celebrates four years since the abrogation, it is clear that the decision has opened doors to new opportunities, enhanced connectivity, and ushered in a period of inclusive development. With Jammu and Kashmir playing a crucial role in the nation’s progress, it is poised to embrace a brighter and more promising future. The abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35(A) was a historic step towards stability, peace, and progress in Jammu and Kashmir. It has brought forth unprecedented development, empowerment of youth, and a flourishing tourism industry. As we commemorate this momentous occasion, let us acknowledge the efforts made by the government and look forward to a harmonious and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir.