Cabinet Approves extension Of Digital India Project with Outlay of Rs 14,903 C

NEW DELHI Cabinet on Wednesday approved extension of Digital India project with an outlay of Rs 14,903 crore, Union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said.
The minister said that the extended Digital India project will add on to the work done under the previous version of the scheme.
”Prime Minister in the cabinet meeting has approved Digital India programme with outlay of Rs 14,903 crore,” Vaishnaw said.
He said that under the project 5.25 lakh IT professionals will be reskilled and upskilled and 2.65 lakh persons will be trained in IT.
Under the extended Digital India project, nine more super computers will be added under the National Supercomputing Mission(NCM).
The minister said that already 18 super computers have been deployed under NCM. (Agencies)