J&K Girl shines at Moscow Wushu Stars 2024

In a remarkable display of determination and skill, Kaifa Shah, the young Wushu prodigy from Jammu and Kashmir, has once again proved her mettle by clinching a silver medal at the prestigious Moscow Wushu Stars 2024 championship, held in Moscow from February 28 to March 5.

Despite nursing injuries, Kaifa’s unwavering spirit and dedication to the sport shone through as she put up an impressive performance, leaving spectators in awe of her talent and resilience. The silver medal is a testament to her hard work and commitment, solidifying her place as one of the rising stars in the world of Wushu.

Kaifa’s journey into the world of Wushu began at the tender age of seven when she was captivated by the sight of Wushu players practising at the Indoor Stadium in Srinagar. This chance encounter ignited a passion within her, and from that moment on, she was determined to excel in the art.