Punjab Cops allegedly made attempt to arrest Jammu youth

Aman Zutshi

Family and local people yesterday alleged that some Punjab state cops came early morning in Vijaypur of Samba to allegedly and illegally arrest a local youth Nikhil Singh for exposing drug trade in Lovely Professional University (LPU) university.

Nikhil Singh is a Jammu based youtuber who did a sting operation on his own in LPU recently and claimed to unveil drug dealing and consumption there.

The family and local youth who came in support of Nikhil claimed that the Punjab police personnel came in a vehicle armed with swords and guns to kidnap the youth from his Vijaypur situated home without a legal warrant.

Nikhil’s mother told media, “I will say that Punjab police has abducted my son and he shouldn’t be sent to court but some procedures demanded this requirement. I’m startled how they came into our house at 7am they searched our rooms and asked my son’s whereabouts, when I asked them about my son name and told them to show me a legal arrest warrant they had no answer. They tried to hide FIR that was written in Punjabi and were saying we will take him away”.

“I took a picture of the FIR and sent it to my son informing that Punjab police has come to nab you, tell me what you have done. My son’s name wasn’t in the FIR and when I apprised Munshi he said that the complaint was in Punjabi and we haven’t read nor they were aware about my son’s youtube channel. The Channi police informed us that we can registered an FIR against the cops who came without a proof. I think my son is being targeted as he has raised his voice against drug dealing in the ‘Lovely Punjab University.

“The Punjab police has manhandled my husband and an uncle who was with us and they were taking my son forcefully to court, but when our local youth tried to stopped their way a cop among them trained his gun at them. This is clear if my son would have crossed Lakhanpur they had shot him dead”, Nikhil mother’s added.

One of the members of Yuva Rajput Sabha (YRS) who came in Nikhil’s support told media ,”This is openly a double face policy of Punjab govt as they also claim to eradicate drugs in the state and when someone helping you to expose this drug syndicate in LPU he shouldn’t be not be pestered. He has put his life on the line to do this and they are taking action against him. Around 12 cops barged into their house harassing their parents put Nikhil in a private car and when local youth confronted them the cops pointed guns at them which is appalling”.

“We will not let them apprehend Nikhil just like that as he has done nothing wrong. How can we agree that the plain clothes cops are policemen as they had swords in their vehicle, they were looking like drug suppliers”, he alleged.