A fauji is a fauji: Capt Tania Sher Gill, 1st woman army officer to lead men in parade

Captain Tania Sher Gill, who became the first woman officer to lead an all men contingent at the Army Day Parade on Wednesday, feels there is no discrimination in the Army over caste, creed, religion or gender.

“A fauji is a fauji. I have never been discriminated against irrespective of gender. Be it Muslim, Sikh or Marathi it doesn’t matter in the Army,” Tania Sher Gill said after the Army Day Parade .

The Army officer said officers are selected at regimental centres and then it requires months of training for the Army Day Parade.

Capt Sher Gill also doesn’t feel being the first woman to lead all men contingent is a great personal achievement and added that whole system works so as to ensure the parade is flawless.

A fourth-generation woman Army officer, Captain Tania Sher Gill belongs to the Corp of Signals.

Commissioned in March 2017 from Officers Training Academy, Chennai the officer is a Bachelor’s of Technology in Electronics & Communications.

Her father was from artillery, grandfather from armoured and great grandfather an infantry soldier from the Sikh regiment.

Capt Tania Sher Gill will also be leading a contingent at the Republic Day parade.

Last year Captain Bhavna Kasturi was the first woman officer to lead an all men contingent on Republic Day.