A heart, that forgives| World Poetry Day

You were so sad and little things made you angry,
And you wanted to destroy what destroyed you,
Then where did this strength come from,
In which you gathered all your anger
And transformed it into something so beautiful.

You, who did not have the courage to afford even a smile,
For what you went through, nobody could blame you for a heart that is devoid.
You still chose love and a path so extraordinary.

You, who lost which is considered the dearest, how did you manage to see beyond your lament.
The tears in your eyes tell your story,
You still talk about peace,
From where did you bring so much glory?

You, who talk about forgiveness,
Even when your heart dies.
You beautiful person,
From where did you bring this heart?
A heart, that forgives.

– by Ramneet Kour