At last, the government ready for beautification of Surya Putri Tawi

Vinod Kumar

After long time, the government has shown serious concern about cleanness of Surya Putri River Tawi and presenting Detail Project Report (DPR) for abating Pollution in Tawi River.

DPR amounting to Rs. 43.49 crore for augmentation the process of Clean Jammu & Green Jammu under this project, the interception and diversion of polluted Sewage Water flowing in these Nallahas on right bank of River Rawi shall be intercepted and diverted to existing Sewage treatment plant at Bhagwati Nagar, Jammu during the lean period and no further polythenes garbage, objectionable material shall not be allowed to pollute “Surya Putri River Tawi” after its implementation. The Technical concept of the project was presented by UEED. Mayor JMC assured for augments of funds & its implementation at the earliest by taking the matter with the Administration & Lieutenant Governor UT, J&K Manoj Sinhai in making Jammu really a Smart, Eco friendly, pollution free City which is the Dream of Prime Minister of India. In the meantime BIO remediable of Nallahas falling on both banks of Tawi River passing through Jammu City has already been invited by UEEED, Jammu to stop all kinds of objectionable Material falling in Tawi River where grey Sewage Water shall be treated prior to entering Tawi River.

Earlier, whether Congress or BJP government none of both bothered River Tawi. River Tawi has a religious importance and during Navratri after Kanjag poojan hundreds throng to immerse sakh into river tawi and an arti is also perform but however, nobody feels the pain of River tawi as 13 numbers of major nallahas falling into River Tawi.

After passage of time, Tawi Bachao Andolan had invited several senior BJP MLA and MLC and felicitated them to see how to clean river tawi but all in vain. Even not a single MLA and MLC raised the question of beautification of River Tawi and now just make proud on DPR. There are many loops whole in the DPR as there is not even single word mentions when this project would be completed by the concerned authorities and from where they raised the funds.

According to the activists of Tawi Bachao Andolan, the DPR is only eyewash and the concerned department has not taken serious their suggestion which were given to them for the beautification of the River Tawi. There is only just talking about beautification of River tawi as per Sabarmati River and now made a DPR. The people of Jammu would have to more wait for the beatification of River Tawi however like they do.