Bharat bandh rally of farmers, urge PM to take back the rules

Farmers and their supporters came out today for the Bharat bandh rally in Jammu. They shouted “Kaale kanoon wapis lo” (take black laws back) and said that the PM has destroyed J&K completely.

One of them said “We have in full support of farmers and warn the Modi government to take these black laws back otherwise chakka jaam (curfew) will be there and a lot of farmers supporters will reach Delhi. Today our rally will be till Digiana Ashram. We request LG Sir to raise his voice for us and tell centre to make new laws in Farmers’ favour”

“Everyone can see the zeal in youngsters. People of all religions have together to support farmers. Transporter, businessman and now farmer – everyone is PM has destroyed J&K, our homestead and even our history by these black laws of land and farmers. He wants to sell the country.” other added.