‘BJP doesn’t want elections, wants to rule over J-K from Delhi,’ says Congress

The Congress party Thursday said that Jammu and Kashmir, which used to be a country once, has been converted into a Union Territory by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for their own interests.

Talking to reporters at Srinagar-based Congress headquarters, Vikar Rasool, party president for Jammu and Kashmir said that Jammu and Kashmir was a country once then autonomy was given to it. There was Article 370 and now BJP has turned it into UT which is totally injustice. He said BJP doesn’t want elections should take place in Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is unfortunate that elections are being deferred in Jammu and Kashmir continuously. If elections are conducted in other states of India, why not in Jammu and Kashmir? It is clear that BJP wants to rule over in J-K from Delhi and doesn’t want people should elect their representatives,” he said adding that BJP is chocking the democracy, as per a local news agency.

While reacting to the ban on Indian Muslim political organization, Popular Front of India (PFI) in Kerala, Vikar said that PFI doesn’t exist in Jammu and Kashmir and only the high command can comment on the issue. He, however, added that if PFI is banned then Government should also ban RSS which according to him is a criminal outfit.

“RSS is a criminal organization that should be banned. Look at the past record of this organization. These days RSS president Mohan Bhagwat visits mosques which is hypocritical,” he said.