BJP Govt in deep slumber even amid crisis: Bhalla

Former minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today cautioned the people to take the coronavirus seriously by maintaining the health protocol such as social distancing, hand-wash, and masks.

“This is a disease anyone can get infected with. We cannot take the pandemic lightly. We all need to strictly maintain social distancing,” he said while interacting with people at Nanak Nagar today.

Bhalla said Government has announced more relaxations and easing of restrictions for resumption of economic activities under various sectors which have suffered severely during the ongoing lockdown period, the same should not be construed as the decline in threat of the infection and its further spread.

He said that people should realize that Health department has laid down guidelines for the public to remain unharmed from corona virus but the covid-19 is ruthless. He added that people should not be reckless by taking these guidelines lightly and run the risk of getting infected while the relaxations are given.

He suggested that people should fear more and never construe easing of restrictions as an indication that virus is now eliminated. Rather people should become more cautious and cooperate with authorities to fight this disease in the Valley.

Bhalla stressed on following guidelines in letter and spirit and appealed people to come out of their homes only when it is needed. He reiterated that compulsory use of face mask and maintaining social distancing protocol when outdoors is necessary and people must avoid visiting crowded places, avoid surface touching with hands, avoid hands touching mouth, nose or eyes, maintain hand hygiene, use sanitizers, take shower and wash clothes with detergent after returning from work places.

He blamed BJP for betraying the people of Jammu on the issue of statehood and misleading the people on various emotive issues. He asserted that BJP Government has betrayed people of Jammu by reducing status of a state to union territory and Govt is also not coming clear on many issues.

It is most unfortunate that Union Govt is more focused on political issues in J&K at a time when the whole country is battling for its survival and is under strict lockdown to stem the spread of deadly Coronavirus disease.

This reflects Government’s casual exercise carried out at the bureaucratic level without taking aspirations and expectations of people into consideration, he added.