BSF Killed 2 Pakistani Intruders At Atari Border, Punjab

Breaking news coming from Punjab where 2 Pakistani intruders were killed by the BSF at the Atari Border. The security force has recovered several weapons like Ak-47 and a heavy amount of heroin from the intruders. Wagah-Atari border was in the news for the past because many such incidents of infiltration were reported after India called-off the Trade with Pakistan. The incident took place at midnight.

According to the BSF earlier, most of the smugglers were caught with drugs only but this time the smugglers had several weapons and drugs with them. BSF asked the insiders to return but the intruders refused and opened firing to which the Indian Soldiers retaliated and brought both the intruders down. The BSF has started its search operation and the BSF Senior Officials are reaching the Atari Border to investigate the link between the intruders and their partners in India.

As per our sources 2 days earlier also Pakistani intruders tried to enter the Indian border and the BSF recovered a Pakistani drone after which all the BSF Stations were kept on alert and yesterday night the BSF got a big achievement. The Border Areas of Punjab every year during December gets covered under the dense layer of fog and taking advantage of fog Pakistan tries to smuggle drugs and weapons into the Indian Territory. Last year also 2 Pakistani Drones were destroyed by the BSF which was used to smuggle a heavy amount of arms and ammunition into India.

The continuous incidents of infiltration have raised tensions for Security forces and Investigative Agencies as many officials believe that in the ongoing farmers’ protest many Khalistani groups have been activated and by taking help from Pakistan these groups can spread violence in India. As per the reports, many times Punjab’s farmers were found linked with the Pakistani Smugglers.

Today At 1 pm a press conference has been organized in Amritsar by the BSF officials where they will brief about both these intruders and will also inform about the preparations to tackle such types of incidents.