Can face mask be a fashion statement? What’s your take on this?

By Jasleen Kour

This fashion trend is one that we should embrace or we can say it is the necessity of the hour, as it is not all about you; in fact it’s about everyone who comes in contact with you.

In many Asian countries, wearing a mask in public places is a trend long before COVID-19. Just like hats, sunglasses evolved from sun protection to fashion accessories, mask may do the same. Now days in the market masks are coming with different designs and style. People are buying cloth masks with their matching dresses so this is how mask is becoming more like a fashion statement.

JKNewspoint spoke with many people to know what their take on this. While talking to, one of citizens, Indu Bala she told us “we should wear a mask every single day. It’s easy to give up, but it would be wrong. She added, wearing a mask is not only simple and cheap, it’s also proved to be effective in showing the virus spread.

Indu further added that it will protect the health and even save the lives of your loved ones. JKnewspoint spoke with the owner of Dextopia Technologies company, Umesh Rajput he told us that he believes that everybody should wear masks because we don’t have a vaccine and it won’t come till next year as per.

So the only way and only hope to stay safe somehow is wearing masks and washing hands, he further added. While talking to one of the PG residents, Dr. Manmeet Singh said of course, it is necessary to wear a mask especially at crowded places. One of the residents of Jammu, Avleen Kaur said “I think it’s necessary because of this pandemic, we must wear a mask, not only to protect ourselves but also for the sake of others too.”

“I wear it even while working in my office and remove it the moment I step into my home. I think people should start taking this thing very seriously,” Vishakha said. She is presently working in the forest department. Akansha who added that now wearing a cloth mask is part of our life.