demonstration against the fire & emergency Services selection list

Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement leads strong protest rally, demonstration on Jaipur high court road against fire & emergency Services selection list of Candidates. Bungling in the selection, out of 700 posts only 70 selected from Jammu. Youths protested against the scam that In Kashmir 630 youth candidates selected to get jobs, against rising Unemployment, LG offered to provide Govt jobs to Militants. Addressing protestors Sunil Dimple demanded LG Manoj Sinha for the regularization of all daily wagers, medical assistants, rahbrey taller, Khel physical teachers, sehat, jangle, SPOs, Home guards, NYC, contractual lectures, reinstate of SRO 24 terminated youths, and justice to SRO 202 employees. Dimple demanded LG Manoj Sinah for the Cancellation of the fire scam selection list and hand over inquiry to the crime branch or CBI. Dimple demanded LG to revocation of SRO 202, reinstate SRO 24 terminated staff, regularization JK Bank KhidmatGar, Contractual Lecturers, NAM employees, Angan wari worker’s, Educated youths, Drs, Engineers and for the stress tension in the minds of the youths, parents due to unemployment. He alleged the Govt fills of lakhs of the application fro the youths collect crores of rupees latter no posts are filled, no written, interviews conducted and no money is returned to poor applicant’s youths. Dimple alleged the L Governor administration is playing with the future of the educated youths of the state and particularly the Jammu region and making hollow promises of creating fifty thousand jobs, back to villages, but nothing is visible on the ground. Dimple said youths want clarification from PM Narinder Modi Ji on the statement of Manoj Sinha,  LG Offer to provide jobs to militants. Dimple said the LG Offer top militants has sent the wrong signal to our nationalist unemployed youth is disappointed by the LG sahib offer to militants who killed our security jawan, innocent CRPF, BSF, JKP, army jawans hurled grenade attacks, Pulwama attacks, and working on the direction of ISI Pakistan. He asked LG & BJP Govt what policy govt has for the nationalist unemployed youths. Why not jobs to 80 thousand daily wagers, forty thousand Medical assistants? SRO 24, contractual Lecturers youths terminated? What about Rehbrey Taleem, Sehat, Khel, Janglat, Physical teachers, Home guards, SPOS, NYCs corps. What should they do to get JOBS?