Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan Will Form Government in J&K in Next Assembly Elections: Choudhary Lal Singh

The 8th phase of DDC elections is being held in J&K and Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan President Chaudhary Lal Singh today conducted a press conference in Kathua. During the press conference, Lal Singh said that “DSS will win all the DDC seats in Kathua”. Slamming BJP he said that ” in the last MLA elections BJP got 25 seats but in the coming elections I’ll grab  30 seats and we will form the government in J&K. I have been in politics since student life and these BJP party leaders are just born politicians. The BJP is jealous of me and has accused me of having illegal property but these illiterate leaders don’t know that whenever a person fills the form for Assembly elections he has to mention every property and without mentioning no one can contest elections. I am a Choudhary and my family has all these lands from the time when people were settling here.

Lal Singh also slammed MoS Dr. Jitendra Singh. He said that “instead of sitting in the office and issuing orders, for once Dr. Should come between these people to know their problems”. Lal Singh further added that “Jitendra Singh doesn’t know anything about J&K. He only cares about his seat and power. But from now onwards I will not remain silent and I’ll fight for the people of J&K. We don’t care about any other party, our only motive is the downfall of the BJP Government”.

Lal Singh held the press conference at Kedia Gadiyal Block of Kathua where the two major leaders Kanta Andhotra from Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan and Shweta from BJP are contesting elections.