Firstly, I am a Kashmiri and then I am a Nationalist.: Mehbooba Mufti, ex CM J&K

District Development Council elections are being held in Jammu and Kashmir and all the regional parties of J&K have allied together against Bhartiya Janata Party. Today former CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti talked to Senior News Editor, Gulistan News. During the interview, she slammed the BJP government for their ill activities in J&K.

On being questioned about how the alliance sees these DDC elections as no enthusiasm can be seen from their side, Mufti said that for the past 1.5 years BJP is using different tactics, and these BDC elections, DDC elections are also a part of their tactics to shift the interest of people of J&K from their affected lives because of the abrogation of Article 370. She said that the surprise participation of the Gupkar Alliance in the DDC elections have shocked the BJP. She also said that if we have not participated in these elections then BJP party leaders would have called us Pakistani supporters.

Adding further, she said the BJP Government by saying that we don’t have proper security is stopping our party leaders from coming out and organizing public rallies. In the same way, they are stopping NC leaders and all other party leaders who have joined the Gupkar Alliance but the public of J&K have understood that they have to unite like the regional parties and have to make sure that the leaders of the regional party like PDP, NC, Congress, Communist should win in every assembly.

The News official then asked her that the BJP has slammed the Gupkar Alliance on their unplanned participation in the DDC elections. To which Mufti said that the participation was not unplanned, but it has shocked the BJP. We only want that J&K should be free of BJP and its sub parties. If BJP wins these elections, then the people of J&K will have to face more suffering and they will try to defame the regional parties.

The people of J&K are casting their votes enormously what it signifies? Mufti said the people of J&K have understood that the BJP government will have an upper hand which they do not want if they do not cast their votes that’s why they are casting their votes in the favor of the regional party leaders to ensure their win.

In the last question, Mufti was asked that BJP always slams her by saying she is Anti-Nationalist. She said that the biggest anti-national party in India is BJP. The leaders of BJP worship Nathuram Godse. They are those people who don’t follow the rules of the constitution and work on their agendas. BJP party leaders have adopted policies to spread hatred and to divide the Nation, Mufti added. She further said that she doesn’t require any Nationalist certificate from any party. “Firstly, I am a Kashmiri and then I am a Nationalist. My father was the biggest Nationalist in India. Jammu is like my mother and India is my grandmother.”

 Further Mehbooba Mufti said the government of India should also consider J&K as their child so that the current situation of J&K could be made better.