Fruits you should eat in Monsoon for good health

Neelam Rawat

Most people love the monsoon. Pleasant weather and gusts of winds make this season even more beautiful. You might have known, what you shouldn’t eat during monsoon. But Do you know which fruits you should eat in the rainy season for your good health?

Here are 5 fruits, that you should not miss in this monsoon season.

1. Jamun
Jamun known as black plum is a small fruit but it’s quite powerful. Jamun helps you to regulate your blood pressure and also an amazing fruit for boosting your immunity. If you’re diabetic then it’ll also help you to decrease your sugar level. This fruit has anti-bacterial properties which help you to away from infection.

2. Pear
If you want to lose weight and improve your immunity then you should not avoid pears during this monsoon season. Pears are full of vitamins and minerals. These fruits boost your immunity and also improve your digestive system. We all know that the monsoon season comes with a lot of diseases and to avoid any infection in this season, the pear is the best fruit which you should include in your diet soon.

3. Pomegranate
People tell you to eat pomegranate when you have lack of blood. When you eat this fruit regularly it protects you from various disease. Pomegranate fights with heart disease and keeps you away from cancer. Pomegranate contain vitamin c which aids increasing immunity.

4. Lychee
In monsoon, Lychee is also very beneficial for your health. Lychee is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidant components. Lychee will help you to improve your digestion and control your blood pressure. Lychee also contains vitamin E which is wonderful for your skin.

5. Plum
Now we will talk about plums. These fruits are juicy, sweet and sour in taste. This fruit is loaded with vitamin A, K and C. Vitamin C is good for immunity. Plum is also beneficial for digestion and blood circulation. It also keeps your skin healthy, glowing and acne-free.