Garbage piles along Pulwama ring road raise health concerns

The stinking waste mounds around the Pulwama ring road in South Kashmir have drawn the ire of locals, business owners, and students since it endangers their health and safety.
The ugly garbage mountain in the centre of the paddy fields close to the highway is an eyesore on this important road link and serves as an example of the district’s poor solid waste management practices.

The heap of trash is visible from the heavily used road, despite the authorities’ covering the yard with a tin sheet. The uncontrolled rubbish that is piling up on the road is especially dangerous to the neighboring Government Women’s Degree College since the foul odour it emits is extremely dangerous to the health of the students.

“A Government women’s college is located 10 to 15 metres from the garbage, and students there are suffering terribly. The issue will become a health risk for the entire population if prompt action is not taken to solve it,” Shabir Ahamd, a local teacher, said, adding that the dumping of rubbish has rendered a recently built commercial shopping mall useless.