GMC Jammu to start Plasma therapy

Among the very few centres across the country, Jammu was poised to start plasma therapy treatment of moderate to severe Corona- virus infected people as the GMC has obtained permission from Institutional Ethics Committee after the formalities of holding its Board Meeting were completed.

It is hoped so to happen soon under the premise of the requisite infrastructure, manpower and machinery were already made available or were under a fast process.

Since Plasma Therapy, more or less, is on the pattern of a Blood Bank, the same was going to be under the overall management of the Blood Bank. Plasma therapy, again like the blood bank, was wholly dependent on the donors, the immediate task and on a perpetual basis till the pandemic stays, is finding out and preparing data of donors, analysing and following the criteria for donors and receivers as prescribed by the ICMR and that having been taken into consideration, a proposal was in the pipe line to be sent to the ICMR. Till an antidote to the virus was found and was available freely in the market, plasma therapy carried a lot of promise in successfully treating the virus infected people.