GMC Jammu: Used masks and PPE kits inviting Covid-19 threat, Admn least bothered

The callous attitude of the administration of Government Medical College and Hospital putting the life in threat of patients as well as their attendants, as used PPE kits and medical masks were seen everywhere in Hospital premises openly, inviting coronavirus. However, as we know lakhs of patients from all over Jammu region visits GMC Hospital for medical examination even for quick medical service, emergency cases are referred to Jammu’s most renowned GMC Hospital from different district of the region, but Hospital administration is least bothered.

However, when you enter the premise of Government Medical College and Hospital, which provide medical facilities to lakhs of patients from the Jammu region, as PPE kits and used mask is seen openly showing the non-seriousness of Hospital administration towards Covid-19 pandemic. Even Principal Office, administration office, Central Library and Account section are suffering from the same situation.

Though, the Health Administration of Jammu and Kashmir of Union Territory set Covid- 19 wards in GMC Hospital. But, these infectious used materials when seen in open bins in the hospital, shows the casual approach of the Health Department of GMC administration towards the control of worldwide disaster in Jammu.

Official records show that the corona threat increases day by day across the country even Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir is also not safe from this World wide disaster but Hospital Administration is just waiting for the Covid-19 list to increase.

“However, World Health Organization (WHO) directs, “When using medical masks throughout the entire shift, health workers should make sure that the medical mask and PPE kits should dispose of properly when wet, soiled, or damaged. But Hospital administration does not bothered about WHO guidelines.