Good news for Jammu and Kashmir youth coming from Dubai, 1000 jobs  

Wednesday is good news for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir during the ongoing India Food Security Summit 2020 in Dubai. Now about 1000 youth of Jammu and Kashmir will get employment in Dubai. Information about this has been tweeted by Ejaz Ahmad Bhatt, Director of Horticulture (Horticulture) Department of Kashmir.

Ejaz Ahmed Bhatt wrote in a tweet from his Twitter handle, “Good news from Consulate General to provide jobs for 1000. Youth in Dubai at the request of the delegation from Jammu and Kashmir who reached Dubai to attend the conference. “Agreed. Dubai (UAE) is our partner country. Consulate General Dr. Aman Puri has always been instrumental in supporting Jammu and Kashmir in the field of development. Be it the food sector or the matter of fruits. It is known that a large delegation of farmers, traders and officials from Jammu and Kashmir have reached there to attend this ongoing conference in Dubai. The delegation is headed by Navin Chaudhary, Principal Secretary (Agriculture), Jammu and Kashmir Administration.

The Kashmiri Saffron was launched in the UAE market after it received a GI tag.
The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has recently launched Kashmiri Saffron, which has got the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in the UAE market, to boost its trade in West Asia. Kashmir-born Saffron was given the GI tag in July, which aims to bring the Kashmir Valley brand globally.

Jammu: Kashmir Principal Secretary (Agriculture) Naveen K Chaudhary offered Kashmiri Saffron at India Food Summit 2020 held in UAE on Tuesday. . Chaudhary said that I am happy that for the first time Kashmiri saffron has been introduced in the UAE market. Kashmiri saffron, called Jafrana in Urdu, is globally famous as a spice with many medicinal benefits. It also represents the rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. Chaudhary said that after obtaining GI certificate, Kashmiri saffron was exported for the first time. He said that I am sure that its exports to Dubai and other cities of the UAE will increase.

Pampore is called the city of saffron
Saffron is the main cultivar in the Pampore region of Pulwama district of South Kashmir. Due to this, Pampore is also known as the city of Saffron.