Higher COVID-19 recovery rate due to Yoga, use of traditional methods to boost immunity: Ramdev

The recovery rate of COVID-19 is improving and the fatality rate is decreasing as Indian citizens perform yoga and use traditional methods to enhance their immunity, claimed Yoga guru Ramdev.

“In this country, people are doing Yoga. They are using traditional methods to fight against COVID-19. This is the reason why we have a higher recovery rate and it is improving with each passing day. We have also low fatality rate. We pledge to develop a natural method, Ayurvedic treatment as a mainstream treatment. We aim to replace allopathic methods of treatment with the Ayurvedic method. That will be true independence for the country,” Ramdev said while speaking to media.

Commenting upon the COVID-19 vaccine developed in Russia, Ramdev said, “We need to know the efficacy of vaccines developed by different countries. There may be side-effects of those vaccines, which will come into light after three to five years. The patients who may recover using these vaccines may get complications.”

“Patanjali Ayurved’s Swasari Coronil kit is helping people develop immunity and there is no side effect of it,” he claimed to add that “We are promoting vocal for locals.”

When asked to clear his stand on Indian Premier League (IPL) sponsorship, Ramdev said, “As far as IPL is concerned, we come to know that there is a feeling that we should boycott Chinese products and companies. Chinese companies used to sponsor IPL. There are many big companies in India like Tata and Birla and if these companies do not come forward, then Patanajlai is ready to help the nation.”