Incomplete work on bridge joining twin villages of Bandipora Triggers Protest

Peoples of Panar area of ​​district Bandipora protested against rural development

People said that after the process of long requests, the administration started work on the bridge there but even after passing 1 year the construction is not completed yet.

The locals said that the construction of this bridge will restore the connection of Tangurd and Panar area and the problem of 1000 people belonging to this area will end.

Without the bridge, the entire area is devoid of truck transport. Rather, people have to carry their equipment and belongings on their shoulders and take them to their homes.

Technologie is definitely on the way but a bridge one to combine Panar and Tangurd is yet to be done said by a local. The people there have been suffering for the last 3 years. And with the help of a wooden bridge, they cross that river which is risky to the life of people.

They also claim that sometimes people have lost their lives while crossing through the wooden bridge there.

The locals are now requesting the administration for the completion of work there and to make the bridge as soon as possible.

ACD Bandipora, while talking to the reporter, said that in the next 20 to 25 days, the construction will be done and assure the locals.