India Army organises educational programme in Akhnoor

In order to provide better education facilities, Indian Army on Friday conducted free coaching classes and vocational courses for students in different panchayat of Block Khour in Akhnoor of Jammu Region.

Apart from protecting the borders of the country, the Indian Army is also playing an important role in the upliftment of society.

In this campaign, many programs are being conducted by the Indian Army in the remote areas, where the children are being educated and get to know about vocational courses as well.

Not only this, but special coaching is also being given by the Army to be recruited in the Belt Force.

The basic aim of this event was to let the students and their parents know that army wants empowerment of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. And the best way for empowerment is education.

The classes were a hit among students who cannot afford private tuitions for vocational courses.

“We get a lot of benefits from these classes as there were many poor students who couldn’t afford private education. So I would like to thank the Indian army that they provided us free stationery along with free tuitions,” a student said.