Hey ‘u’listen — the world and the people who are untold about the feelings a chicken has and the specific days he has in this world.

I am manhandled and brutally thrown into a noisy cage as my master says.

There, there is no space as everyone fights to settle in the finest ways.


Though i breed in that noisy place for my master’s sake

But no one understands the feelings behind my bake.

You cut me, cook me and give treats but no one

Understands the feelings behind my meat.


One day i am pulled out from that crowded

Cage as someone comes to take my bake.

My wife and son peep out from that

Crowded cage as they are full of rage

But what can they do from that bloody cage.


Then i am driven under the butcher’s blade

Where i am peeled, cleaned and cut into pieces for sale.

All this is seen by my fellow mates as they

Wish not to be the upcoming necks under the butcher’s blade.

Though i am sold at a fixed rate

But the cycle continues until the next take.


Harshvardhan Singh ‘Danish’

[email protected]